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This video based on Black women who are upset and bash black men for dating and seeking Forigen brides from other country’s follow me @ Andrew26101 my twitte…
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25 Responses to “2014 cheap Adidas rose 3.5_4 adizero derrick basketball shoes Cheap wholesale online shopping.mp4”

  1. Lee Bullock says:

    The words are ok–if you are a woman. Why not get a woman who will listen
    to us? Why not get a woman who wants to be loved? Empowerment? Who wants a
    big mouth woman, anger woman, depressed woman and a woman who will use the
    court system on you to give you hell? It’s ok to get a fantasy type of
    woman. It’s ok to get an Asian woman who is willing to have a nice house
    and clothes. I already have a nicew house–brand new in fact. I am not fat,
    I am older though at 56. But when I look at a black woman now-I see all of
    the fat women in the 80% area. So what? She is weaker–why not? Let her
    submit and let her enjoy it as a few have said they want to do so. I am
    tired of the weaved out women. Brazil is banging, the Philippines, &
    Thailand is holding a lot of good women. So what they have different
    shapes, and different eyes and cultures…Later for the women who want to
    bring the pain

  2. Steve Jones says:

    We are no longer the prize? Obviously we are, hence your need to make a
    clip about something, if women were not missing out on what they wanted
    then you would not have cared, this clip is designed to shame and guiltmen
    into cahnging their behavior to one that suits the women like the ones who
    made this.

    Black women are angry that black men are marrying whites.
    White women are angry that white men are marrying asian’s.

    The ones with the anger and the issues are those who are losing their power
    and franchise over men.

    The real backlash that heterosexual feminist pawns failed to see was the
    Marxist Lesbian Dogma of Feminism also FREED men. And they are not happy.
    Just let these women wither on a dying vine of their own creation guys.

    Don’t buy the guilt trips. Stay strong.

  3. Steve Jones says:

    And Black women are not ENTITLED.

    NEWSFLASH – These black women feeling the right to a black male husband is

  4. Steve Jones says:

    The best thing about these women, and what they fail to realise, is they
    are actually waking more men up to why they should NOT be with women like
    these, or American men in general.

  5. Steve Jones says:

    We men refusing to not marry you is actually us not oppressing you (not
    that I agree with the feminist rubbish definition at all), but come on the
    truth is you WANT a nice black man, but he don’t want you so you try to
    shame him via saying he is so insecure and desperate or his manhood in so
    in doubt that he rejects a cunt like you for a nicer foreign woman? LOL
    Thats a shaming tactic 101. Men are too smart for that. And yet you get to
    define what manhood is but we do not even get to decide what type of women
    we like or dislike.

    These bitches are 100% entitlement whores and are the best advertisement as
    to why to NOT marry an WESTERN women. So that works for us.

  6. Steve Jones says:

    Such lies, these foreign women are starving etc poverty stricken, no
    options, bwahhhhhhh what rubbish.

    So if a rich man marries a poorer western slut thats kewl, but if he
    marries a poorer foreign chick, not kewl because that is one less western
    women without what SHE DESERVES, you bastard men ahhahahahaha

  7. Steve Jones says:



  8. Steve Jones says:

    They dont want locally born asians? 30% of american born asian women marry
    white guys, so that kills that comment by these black racist bitches.

  9. singlemansurvival says:

    I don’t know about all women. But as for black women in the U.S you’re
    obsolete in the marriage and dating game and yeah its sad to have to say
    that. Are black men going to fair any better? Probably not. But they have
    an option you don’t and thats the option to leave and he doesn’t need a lot
    of money to do it. In this globalized economy competition is real, as this
    new economy kicks into high gear there will be winners and losers. Men that
    are single and mobile will do well, thats just the reality.

  10. Steve Jones says:

    Even if men did get housed over in a divorce to a foreign woman, they are
    NOT going to flock back to be with you fucking cunt american women.

    They can just stay single, fuck whores at home or on OS holidays and go
    drinking with the guys, what the super bowl, drive a nice car.

    Please feminists UNDERSTAND you can never win nor never control us.

  11. Wonder2win says:

    Maybe the problem is that American women want men to want them for reasons
    that they think men should want them and not reasons that men actually want
    women. What this boils down to is that a man wants a woman who respects him
    as a man . 

  12. Steve Jones says:

    Its these women who are attacking men because they got rejected. Men are
    getting foreign wives because they WANT them, Western women are single
    because MEN dont want them. The bitterness is obvious in the reverse
    psychology these black bitches are trying.

  13. Demetrius J .King Meech says:

    these bitches are annoying… they are bitter and thats why they will
    always be single.. this reverse thinking that they are trying to pull over
    our eyes & their own eyes is crazy.. their was only a few points they said
    that were true the rest of their thoughts was invalid 

  14. Steve Jones says:

    Shagging a whore that treats you nicer that american cunt woman is always a
    better option.

  15. Steve Jones says:

    LOL we cannot afford, I earn more that both these cows put together.

    We buy things for foreign women because they treat us nicer, you think you
    should get all that AND treat him like a cunt.

  16. Steve Jones says:



    NO NO NO


  17. Steve Jones says:

    The comment @57min the real threat comes out, we are educating men, yet
    this black slut claims if men cannot attain a woman then it his fault, well
    that goes both ways, american women now struggle to attain man so thats
    your fault bitches hahahaha CHECKMATE

  18. MrSelector1 says:

    The fact is.. white woman wanna control white men in everyway and keep us
    wanting and working for them.. BUT NOW THERE IS A WHOLE IN THAT DIKE! cause
    white girls cant stop white men looking elsewhere for good woman and just
    so happens that asian woman are totally better for us!

  19. Chase Carter says:

    White women are dogs. They’ll cheat on you with your own family. 

  20. chopzuki says:

    To sirmighty loov:
    You are absolutely correct. And your statements:
    They need to end welfare,section 8,SSI,housing and other government
    handouts.Not to mention on the job quotas for all these bitches
    There is a reason these programs were put into place… To help those that
    really need it. However, when one depends on these programs for their
    income, and starts demanding that they are ‘entitled to it’, it becomes an
    absolute mess. I can’t tell you how many I’ve seen on these programs…
    getting basically ‘free’ money… and spending it on lottery tickets at
    the local convenience store.

    It really doesn’t help much that both black and white males seem to think
    that their pants below their butt is cool. They will never be able to hold
    down a job, simply because they can’t use both hands to do the work… One
    hand has to be constantly pulling their pants back up. No reputable
    company is going to hire them to represent their company.

    Just saying… I can see reasons for frustration on both sides.

  21. shatdog1 says:

    For Men, there is no place to argue here. Either you become everything
    your woman wants or leave it alone. THAT is the only choice you have.

  22. Bee Anabolic says:


  23. Lee Bullock says:

    No one wants a SIMP to explain it. The marriage rates are 80% successful.
    The Philippines is not a bad thing, and they are not always divorcing the
    men–step the bull. The divorce rate is lower because they have annulments
    my dude. An annulment is $8500 or P350,000 in their cash. No one wants to
    deal with a fat headed, hard headed, pig headed black woman, You have words
    that are not all true.

  24. Steve Jones says:

    The slut in this video does not even get her own hypocrisy, she is so
    determined to stop men looking for options outside their country and for
    her outside her race.

    at 1:02:50 she now admits ANY man can get a woman if he wants one, HOLD ON,
    she said men who get foreign women are losers who cannot. Which is it?

    Now hse might get it, most women especially black women are single because
    men DONT want them, not that men CANNOT get them.

    Dumb as ghetto bitch.

  25. Kory Johnson says:

    America is matriarchal. All you have to do is look at the family law court,
    and see how they do business between men and women. Women busting men’s
    heads in divorce court.