Bras for Backless Tops & Underwear for Tight Fitting Dresses, NuBra, Spanx (Weddings, Formals)

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25 Responses to “Bras for Backless Tops & Underwear for Tight Fitting Dresses, NuBra, Spanx (Weddings, Formals)”

  1. Tiffany Ferguson says:

    I’ve had one before and it just said to use a warm damp soapy cloth to wash
    it, one the sticky side and cloth/silicone side, and then wipe with a damp
    cloth without soap until all the soap is gone, then leave to air dry. Works
    fine :)

  2. SuperUlzzang77 says:

    is nubra reusable?

  3. Hayne Almighty says:

    Is the NuBra as good as the one from walmart, the amazing adhesive bra?

  4. ljboobooboos25 says:

    Leave her alone there’s nothing wrong with f Her chest don’t you guys know
    that your chest fits your body so she looks small so if she gets bigger
    ones there going to look way to big and it hurts and kills your back when
    you have big ones not fun *_*

  5. Cristy Napier says:

    Why are people spamming with grow your bust thing? There is nothing wrong
    with her chest. gosh people leave her alone

  6. Hannah Puckett says:

    This is why we have duct tape. XD

  7. mrsrectalbane says:

    just dont wear one. I dont.

  8. N1na44 says:

    Great video. Tks

  9. superghost6 says:

    what’s with all the grow bust spam

  10. Davey Jones says:

    I. Love. Yore. Video

  11. Adrienne Thomas says:


  12. alondragonzales11 says:

    Thank you…

  13. MRamos MUA says:

    great tips..

  14. Tienne Daniels says:

    gently hand wash the sticky side with warm water and soap than just set it
    aside to air dry.

  15. ufajlok1 says:

    /watch?v=ju1rigxi4e8 epic xd

  16. Ashlea Morawski says:

    Is the nubra good for girls with D size boobs? I read a bunch of reviews,
    but i was just wondering what you thought!

  17. anjula subedi says:

    Have you seen Ultra Slimming Formula? (do a google search for it) It is a
    quick way to burn up fat fast.

  18. CJTh3PandaMC says:

    Every time I try to watch this my computer crashes within the first 5
    seconds of the video

  19. Kate Wetzel says:

    Wow I was freaking out because I have a grad dress and the back goes very
    low. Also, I don’t have tiny boobs, but they look tiny if I’m not wearing a
    bra, so the Nubra seems absolutely perfect! Thanks so much for the video, I
    subscribed AND added this video to my favorites!

  20. Ashton Vickers says:

    I am a boy

  21. nescobar87 says:

    April oh my you are so amazingly tan!! I love the color on u 

  22. Nicole Voin says:

    this video was so helpful ! 

  23. Bhanuvamsi raavi says:

    how much is that???wher will I get that ….

  24. Stephanie Perez says:

    Very help ful

  25. ATay0909 says:

    Good advice April!!