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The uncertain future of local league football
For all their rivalry, the comparisons between the two are much closer than opposing fans would care to admit, but both can chart their mirroring success to the fact that it is imperative that neither club allows the other to gain too much of an …
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Are you a Kate Middleton rhubarb or a David Beckham parsnip?
The guide, which helps people dress for their body shape, reveals modern-day women are a fruit cocktail of shapes and sizes, from succulent strawberries to voluptuous apples. And men's body types are being compared to an allotment of veg from … their …

Ten things you didn't know about Spider-Man 2: Rise of Electro
Despite being raised in the UK and being made to play rugby as a skinny schoolchild, Andrew Garfield's sport of choice is basketball. He even joined a … Williams might have chart-toppers and Grammys galore but he says the experience of working with …

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