Women’s Fashion : How to Dress When You Are Plus Size & Petite

Women's Fashion : How to Dress When You Are Plus Size & Petite

The clothes you wear should complement the natural features of your body. Dress when you are a plus size and petite woman with help from an image consultant …

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18 Responses to “Women’s Fashion : How to Dress When You Are Plus Size & Petite”

  1. lenka77 says:

    first outfit is for my grandmother, boring and manly like the stylist

  2. meche8099 says:

    Hell I’m trying to get to Jodie’s size cause I KNOW she’s not mine. I’m a
    22/24 , 5 ft woman. And I feel sexy in my body, this lady made me feel like
    crap. Not cool….

  3. Angie Kayles says:

    The whole of this video made me feel like she should be ashamed of her
    fuller figure. Why can’t we know her size? It shouldn’t be an embarassing
    thing to say. And why do we have to distract from the body and draw
    attention to the face. Embrace the body too!

  4. Sparkler318 says:

    Man I’m not even technically plus sized and that made me feel like crap.
    I’m 4’11 and size twelve so I was looking for some dressing tips. And I
    find this video where this tall lady is pretty much insulting this
    beautiful woman left and right.

  5. lenka77 says:

    I agree, great comment!

  6. Debbie Newman says:

    Outfit is frumpy and uninspiring. She should not be wearing short sleeves
    either and the jacket looks too tight!

  7. zdragonfly1974 says:

    She looks like a sz 10

  8. Denise Hazard-Lewis says:

    This why I love forever 21 sometimes I can fine stylish not to youthful
    dresses that I don’t have to have altered plus I am plus size and my
    boyfriend says I still have curves that he loves don’t

  9. Jin Yoo-Kim says:

    yeah why shouldn’t they say her size? “being good about that?” seriously?
    i’m sick of being ashamed of NUMBERS.

  10. Julia R says:

    @librakitten16 i agree …horrible

  11. hattersuffa says:

    Jodie’s so pretty.

  12. flashyandfabulous says:

    The host is plus sized, for gods sake! Tressa, your approach is really
    unapproachable. I think your points are totally valid. I’m watching this
    video because I work in retail and want to be able to dress all of my
    clients in flattering and stylish ways, but if I came at them with the same
    condescending tone I’d get nowhere, fast.

  13. Myself2Blame says:

    The lady was a bit snooty with the way she says things.

  14. Sphurti Cherukonda says:

    I think that it would be really helpful if we know her size to figure out
    if it works for our size and I don’t think this video is very helpful for
    younger women so maybe they should make another for that

  15. Melissa Daly says:

    Great for the office…but that’s about it. I would NEVER wear this outfit
    out and the only thing it would make me feel is that I am in work mode.
    How about some FUN CLOTHES…geeeesh!!

  16. Snowingfire282 says:

    The plus sized woman is gorgrous but that outfit is UGLY!

  17. Crystal Evans says:

    The outfit was ugly. I would never buy something like that. She gave the
    false impression that petite plus size women have no curves. I am petite
    plus size and I do have curves because I am a pear shape.

  18. Momoko Koigakubo says:

    You should be telling the viewers that being short and plus-size and having
    a square body is fucking beautiful, not something they should try to hide.
    Not only does saying that shit lower self esteem, but it also results in
    really fucking ugly outfits.

    tl;dr: “Tressa” has no fucking idea what she’s doing and needs to quit her